Jett or Reyna? Shroud weighs in on Valorant Duelist debate

. 10 months ago
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Riot Games / Shroud

There’s plenty of Duelists to insta-lock in Valorant, but Shroud gave his take for which you should pick when it comes down to the two hard-carry Agents in the game: Jett or Reyna.

Riot’s different character classes give players a clue into how they should be played. If you’re on a Sentinel, then you have tools to be a lockdown defender. If you’re on a Duelist, then you’ve got everything to spearhead an attack.

The best Valorant Duelists let you control the flow of the offense and even create your own momentum on a dime.

While everyone has their own strengths, Shroud’s been around Future Earth’s block enough to know what Agents would give him the best return for his troubles.

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The former CSGO pro explained his take for who to pick between Jett and Reyna – and it’s a reasonable metric to go along with.

“Yeah, playing Jett is a 50-50. Reyna is guaranteed consistency,” Shroud said. “We’re going for the 50-50.”

Ultimately, he went with the Jett. Even though he labeled the Agent as a 50-50 pick, Shroud liked his odds.

At this point, he’d won every one of his games on the day. Though he knew Reyna could offer a higher measure of consistency, Jett has a tendency of rewarding those who are on their game.

“This character [Jett] is only good if you’re on. That’s it,” he explained. “Like, if you’re on and you’re f**kin feeling it, that’s the only time this character’s good.”

jett valorant
Riot Games
Jett has everything a player needs to hard-carry a game.

Shroud opted into Jett since she can either be a boom or bust, depending on how the player’s form is that day. But when she starts going off, there’s nothing more suffocating than a Jett that’s one on.

Both characters are great. Reyna has so many tools for players to feel like a one-man army, but there’s no denying the versatility Jett gives people.

As for who you should pick, don’t get too flustered. It’s not great to pick Jett if you’re already going to second-guess the decision. Reyna is plenty helpful when rounding out Duelists, but Jett is just an overall fun time.

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