Jamppi reveals his Valorant future after CSGO unban

Liquid’s Elias ‘Jamppi’ Olkkonen was the prodigy everyone had their eyes on in Counter-Strike. His VAC ban rendered him ineligible for any Major competition, so he swapped to Valorant. However, since Valve’s rule change, will the star return?

When Jamppi made the jump to Liquid’s Valorant roster, it was a big loss for the Counter-Strike world. However, there’s now a door open for him to return after Valve changed their VAC ban rules ⁠— finally freeing Jamppi to play in CS:GO Majors.

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Jamppi revealed on the Curveball podcast he had a “couple of interesting offers from CS”, but is he going to pull the trigger on returning, or is he now set on becoming the world’s first Valorant Champions winner?

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