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Is Valorant Down? Server tracker, maintenance & player reports

Published: 13/Jan/2022 20:57

by Alan Bernal


Is Valorant down? Players have been reporting outages on January 13 after multiple issues with server connections kept people out of the FPS.

Various regions are seeing a spike in Valorant issues with some people even getting booted mid-match. Issues are extending to Riot Game’s anti-cheat software, Vanguard, which has been going offline with some players.

That’s on top of EU players saying the game won’t let them queue up for matchmaking, stalling services as they await word from Riot.

Check down below for a complete look at the issues as we keep you up-to-date on Valorant’s server issues and the player reports that are coming out of the confusion.


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Riot Games
Valorant players have been reporting outages days after the start of Episode 4.

Is Valorant down? January 13 reports

According to DownDetector, Valorant is experiencing an outage, particularly in the EU, that has kicked out players from the game.

Most of the reports indicate a problem with server connections as some players are repeatedly getting disconnected from services and seeing crashes with Vanguard.

“Did anyone else just disconnect?” one person said in the Valorant subreddit. “Mainly in the EU West/UK side of things, couldn’t even log into the actual riot games client.”

More players confirmed the issues on their end, as they look for Riot to respond to the current stints of outages.

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via Istheservicedown
Most of the January 13 outages have been affecting EU Valorant players.

The last time the EU was hit with this kind of disruption was shortly after Valorant’s launch in 2020. It’s unclear what caused the issue at the time but the launch of Episode 4 could have brought an influx of users.


So far, Riot Games have yet to comment on the new string of problems hitting Valorant as the publisher works behind the scenes to rectify the issue.