Is Valorant coming to PlayStation, Xbox, or Switch?

Connor Bennett. Last updated: Mar 02, 2020
Riot Games

Riot Games have confirmed that their highly-anticipated ‘Project A’ has been given the official name of Valorant. But will the game be coming to Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo consoles as well as PC? Here’s what we know.

With Valorant, Riot is spreading its wings outside of the MOBA genre and entering the hero shooter market. The five-on-five action has already got some onlookers pretty interested about what they could be playing in the near future.

As the developers have begun giving confirmation regarding the release date, characters, economy system, and other technical details, fans have been asking their own questions like when will the game on console? Well, let’s run through everything we know so far. 

Players firing a weapon at an opponent in Valorant.
Riot Games
Valorant will be Riot’s first dip in the hero shooter market.

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Will Valorant launch on PS4, Xbox One or Nintendo Switch?

As of right now, Riot Games have only confirmed that the game will have a PC launch in the coming future, with a beta set to launch before the title actually releases. 

However, the Los Angeles-based developers have been extending their reach outside of the PC market with titles like Legends of Runterra being announced as coming to mobile sometime in the future. A spin-off of League of Legends, named Wild Rift, will be debuting on consoles later this year too. 

So, based on that, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that we could see Valorant on a current-generation PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo consoles at some stage. 

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Will Valorant be on PS5, Xbox Series X, or Switch?

A potential arrival on consoles for Valorant could also come with the release of the next generation. Both the PS5 and Xbox Series X are launching in the coming holiday season, so that would fit the ‘later this year’ timeline for Wild Rift. 

With the current PS4’s and Xbox One’s set to become pretty much obsolete when the newer, more powerful versions release, it could give Riot the foundation needed to make the switch to console. 

Again, though, nothing has been confirmed and it’s just a case of waiting to see what Riot says regarding the possibility of having Valorant on consoles.

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Interested players have noted some similarities between Valorant, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and even Team Fortress 2. The latter two were both released on Xbox 360 as well as PC, so it could be a path Riot Games wants to follow.

As for now, we’ll just have to sit, watch, and hope for the best as the developers lay out their plan for one of the most highly-anticipated games around.