Is Breeze already Valorant’s best map? Player poll results

Defender spawn of Breeze in ValorantRiot Games

Breeze is arguably Valorant’s most ambitious and complicated map yet, but, as fan responses have shown, that hasn’t stopped it from winning the hearts of players. 

Breeze is the landmark feature of Episode 2 Act 3. Set on a sandy Caribbean island with clear skies, blue seas and cobblestone ruins, it’s arguably the most visually appealing map Riot has released yet.

But it’s not all about the aesthetics, as shown by the cold response to Valorant’s fifth map, Icebox, which from the moment of its release became the game’s most controversial map. Despite the backlash, Icebox was to start a new era of larger, more complex maps.

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Breeze is the next installation in this era, combing wide-open sites with narrow corridors, plus a nifty new slide feature to access mid. But the controversies that plague Icebox haven’t infected Breeze, which some players believe to be Valorant’s best map yet.

Breeze map site in ValorantRiot Games
Breeze is Valorant’s most complex map yet.

Why players are loving Breeze

We asked you on Twitter what you made of Breeze, and the responses were largely positive. In our poll, 23.9% of you said Breeze was the “best map in the game”, with only 9.7% of you wanting it removed from the game entirely.

There’s no doubt Breeze is Valorant’s most complex map yet, but that only seems to have enhanced the experience. Many players are loving the “refreshing” openness of the map and the wide variety of angles and spots you can hold.

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Improvements Valorant players want to see

Riot has shown willingness in the past to retouch maps when necessary, as shown by the alterations to Split in update 2.01. A large number of players suggested ways in which Breeze could do with some TLC, with 23% of respondents arguing it “needs a bit of work.”

One of the biggest topics of discussion is A-site, with some players finding it to be too open, while also having too many angles to check.  Some players have a bone to pick with mid, which received complaints about being too defense-sided.

Both of these issues might be symptomatic of this being a new map that people haven’t fully got to grips with yet. But that sentiment could change in the future as new strategies are discovered.

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Players are also desperate to be able to swim in the attacker-side spawn. Given the searing heat of the Caribbean sun, it might be in Agents’ best interests to be able to cool off in between rounds.

Either way, Breeze seems to be one of Valorant’s most-loved maps yet, with its steeper learning curve compared to other maps only seeming to enhance the experience for many players. It’ll be interesting to see how Riot designs future maps in the wake of Breeze’s roaring success.