“Insanely broken” Valorant trick gives perfect accuracy for Bulldog, Stinger

Riot Games

Popular Valorant caster Jakub ‘Lothar’ Szygulski showed an “insanely broken” mechanic with the Bulldog and Stinger that gives it perfect accuracy, and is asking Riot to look into it.

By tinkering with the configurations, Lothar experimented and found a clever way of optimizing his shot while aiming down the sights (ADS) but it may be a bit too effective.

Both the Bulldog and Stinger have a right-click to ADS, and Lothar saw that binding left-click (fire) and right click (ADS) to the same button lets you get off really precise sprays thanks to the weapons’ burst fire.

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“When it comes to the Stinger and the Bulldog, the quick-burst is insanely accurate even though you might be moving left, right, or peeking,” Lothar explained.

But he was really taken back a couple hours later when he saw that he can get that kind of accuracy on-the-fly.

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After merging the keybinds, he was surprised to see that ADS accuracy on the two weapons can be achieved with a single click of the button. Lothar then took his findings to the practice range where, sure enough, the trick let him get fully accurate spray – even with the shorter-ranged Stinger SMG.

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There’s no hacks or exploits at work here, and anyone can temporarily retool their configurations to make the most out of the ADS mechanic.

Riot Games
With a quick macro change, the Bulldog and Stinger can have wild accuracy.

That might be why Lothar asked Riot to hotfix the finding as soon as they could, and it would be interesting to see how the studio goes about it.

Until then, don’t be surprised if you get domed by a Stinger at long-range or if you see someone acting as a sentry-turret with the Bulldog.

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