Insane Valorant tech lets Raze “triple rocket boost” to new locations

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Raze is one of Valorant’s most controversial Agents with her super impactful kit with Boom Bot, Paint Shells, Blast Packs and Showstopper Ultimate – and as it turns out, the latter two can be used in a brilliant combo.

One of the first things Valorant players discovered with Raze was how they could use the Blast Pack to gain vertical height and reach new areas to get an advantage.

With the option to hold two of these Blast Packs, Raze players can combine them to get even more height and completely throw enemies off guard.

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Riot Games
Raze’s kit is one of the best in Valorant.

Now, players have discovered an even more bizarre technique that takes the two Blast Packs strategy and adds an Ultimate to the mix. Crazy, right?

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In a montage video by Genesis Flights, the player shows off the “crazy new trick to triple rocket boost across the map with Raze at insane speeds on Valorant.”

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The move is simple enough: Have your Ultimate ready and perform two Blast Pack jumps like you normally would. Then, activate your Ultimate Showstopper and launch that rocket in the direction opposite of where you want to go.

The momentum of the rocket launcher should propel you upwards just a bit more and into a location Raze would otherwise not have been able to reach.

Throughout the video, Genesis Flights makes use of variants of the Blast Pack boosts with some of the triples thrown in, including the penultimate clip.

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Riot Games
Showstopper has been a controversial Ultimate since launch.

While this tech is extremely situational and perhaps even a bit ‘BM’ to use an Ultimate as a movement ability, it can certainly catch opponents off guard and result in more frags than you would by using Showstopper purely offensively.

Next time you want to style on someone, give this tech a try and watch the sparks fly in match chat.