Insane Sage-Killjoy glitch is letting Valorant players reach new heights

Riot Games

Using Sage’s wall as a boost is already a pretty common tactic on Valorant. It can’t reach all places, but with the help of Killjoy’s turret in this new exploit on Patch 1.06, you can definitely reach new heights and surprise your enemies.

Yes, Sage’s wall is probably better to be used as a defensive tool to completely lock players out of a single angle. However, if you’re really feeling it, using it to boost yourself up as a surprise is definitely a strategy.

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There’s plenty of decent boost spots already with the Sage wall to get to some pre-set peek spots. The most popular is probably outside of B Garage on Ascent, peering towards Catwalk and A Short.

Sage wall boost from B Garage to A Short on AscentRiot Games
Sage-boosting can give you an advantage in firefights.

However, there’s a way to ‘boost’ your boost. A new Sage-Killjoy interaction has been uncovered on Patch 1.06 that’s almost certainly a glitch.

YouTuber ‘Gwegwyshared clips on August 24, showing just how easy it is to replicate. All you have to do is place a Killjoy turret down, then place a Sage wall on top. As the Sage places the wall, allies can jump and ‘ride’ the wall all the way to the top.

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The power of this glitch is really unlocked on Ascent. Defenders can use two boosts to their advantage to mow down attackers.

The first is on A Heaven. You can build the Sage wall so it goes up over a gap in the big wall, watching down into A Main as attackers funnel in. On B site, you can boost next to the Main wall to peek over into B Garage, getting kills as the round starts.

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However, the glitch isn’t exclusive to Ascent. You can use similar boosts on all the other maps to get to hard to reach places. If you do it right, you can even create a pseudo-one way smoke, where you can see the legs of your enemies in the gap between the Sage wall and the ground.

It’s akin to the Sage-Reyna glitch that lingered around back in Patch 1.01. Players could place Sage walls on Reyna’s Leer to get an extra boost. With a well-timed jump, you’d sail up with the wall.

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Like that other interaction, it’s likely this one with Sage and Killjoy will be patched out soon. With Patch 1.07 planned for a week from now, Riot could bundle it into that changelist. The other option is to quickly ship out a hotfix ⁠— which might be needed as the exploit goes viral.

If you want to abuse this in your games between now and then, we don’t blame you. It’s an incredibly powerful glitch, and until it gets patched out, you’ll just have to be wary of these quirky sightlines.

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