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How Valorant’s outsiders upset VCT Masters favorites

Published: 23/Mar/2021 18:30 Updated: 24/Mar/2021 12:46

by Ava Thompson-Powell


Ascend delivered an underdog redemption story like no other when they dethroned Team Heretics during Valorant Champions Tour Stage 1 Masters. Producing insane highlight after highlight, the team rose from zero to hero in just one event.

Leading the charge of this dominating performance was the dynamic duo of Mehmet Yağız ‘cNed’ İpek and Santeri ‘BONECOLD’ Sassi while peak plays that saw them both in 1vx showdowns, and wiping the floor.

Initially writing this roster off because of a last-ditch qualification, a 2-0 defeat at the hands of Ninjas in Pyjamas played right into what people expected the team to deliver – an early exit.


Against Balista, however, the dynamic duo proved that they weren’t going to go down without a fight, taking a 13-1 first map and an eventual 13-3 victory.

Continuing their impressive performance over into a rematch against the Ninjas, the pair displayed phenomenal skill as they delivered 72 frags alongside insane highlights for the history books, landing themselves firmly in the playoffs.

Booking themselves a spot in the Grand Final, the Turkish Terror had a jaw-dropping combat score of 295. There, they took down the untouchable Team Heretics who had a 100% record in matches.  Fighting on the aptly named ‘Ascent’ – the team delivered unbelievable and unstoppable plays to give Heretics a slice of humble pie.


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