How to watch April 7 Twitch Rivals Valorant event ft. Summit1g, xQc, more

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Twitch will be hosting a Valorant-based Twitch Rivals showcase on April 7 to celebrate the launch of the closed beta. Here is everything you need to know about it. 

After a whole raft of content creators finally got to show off their Valorant gameplay on April 3 and give away beta access in the process, Riot Games finally released the closed beta on April 7. 

With the start of the closed beta comes the start of the first Twitch Rivals, which will see a number of Twitch broadcasters across Europe and North America join forces in the hopes of claiming victory. So, let’s take a look at what is going down during the event.

Riot Games
Plenty of gaming fans are hoping to get into the Valorant beta.

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What time is the Twitch Rivals Valorant Showcase event?

The Twitch Rivals Valorant showcase will be split into two portions – the European side of things, and the North American event. These will run at different times.

The European portion of the event will start at 5:45 pm BST/12:45 pm EDT/9:45 am PDT/6:45 pm CEST on Tuesday, April 7, before the North American section starts later in the day at 10 pm BST/ 5 pm EDT/ 2 am PDT/ 11 pm CEST  

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Twitch Rivals Valorant Showcase event format

Format wise, the event is pretty simple. Each region will have eight teams competing – split into two groups of four where they will play round robin best-of-one matches. 

The top two teams from each group will then move on to the final portion of the Twitch Rivals showcase before the two winners will then move on to the Grand Finals in order to crown a region’s overall champion.

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Twitch Rivals Valorant Showcase event streams

If you want to catch all the action in one place, then Twitch will be running a centralized stream that will recap games, keep you up-to-date with standings, and provide some additional Valorant content. 

However, if you’re on the hunt for a key in order to gain access to the closed beta, you’ll have to watch streams that have the ‘drops enabled’ tag on Twitch. We’ve embedded a few as well so you don’t have to go anywhere.

Who is playing in the Twitch Rivals Valorant event?

As for the teams, there are some pretty high-level competitors involved – including a range of former and current pro players from different esports such as Counter-Strike, Overwatch, Fortnite, and Apex Legends. 

Though, it wouldn’t be a Twitch Rivals event without having everyday streamers involved too. You’ll be able to catch creators like Summit1g, TimTheTatMan, Forsen, xQc, and DrLupo in action. 

Twitch Rivals Valorant Showcase event teams

EMEA Group A

Team Roster
Team OnScreen OnScreen, Valkia, Smooya, HenryG, Pansy
Team Gotaga Gotaga, Mickalow, Azox360, Kinstaar, Jbzz
Team Winghaven Winghaven, Blackelespanolito, Thegrefg, ibai, leviathan
Team Jahrein Jahrein, Wtcn, Thaldrinlol, Videoyun, Mithrain

EMEA Group B

Team Roster
Team LotharHS LotharHS, Neog5, g5TAZ, Izakooo, Pago3
Team Zerator Zerator, Alphacast, MoMan, Houngoungagne, Wipr
Team GDolphin gdolphn, Orb, Forsen, Stormen, Noizeeh

North America – Group A

Team Roster
Team Summit1g Summit1g, Shazam, JoshOG, LeXCS, TBD
Team TimTheTatman TimTheTatman, Aceu, Mendo, Dizzy, Fl0m
Team Yassuo Yassuo, xQc, Moxxy, ahad, jaomock
Team Hiko Hiko, Skadoodle, N0thing, Brax, AZK

North America – Group B

Team Roster
Team JakenbakeLIVE JakeandbakeLIVE, a_seagull, emongg, syncdez, its_wiked
Team AnneMunition AnneMunition, Iridium, Poach, Electra, Rivington
Team Bnans Bnans, DrLupo, Kephrii, LuluLovely, HighDistorition
Team MissHarvey MissHarvey, 72hrs, Pterodactylsftw, Lord_Kebun, FemSteph

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So, there you have it, everything you need to know about Twitch Rivals showcase for Valorant on April 7.

All you have to do is kick back, relax, enjoy the action, and hope that you manage to snag some precious beta access from the streams. 

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