How to watch $25k T1 Valorant tournament ft Shroud, Sinatraa, more

Connor Bennett. Last updated: May 04, 2020
T1/Riot Games

Popular esports organization T1 is hosting a $25,000 Valorant tournament that will pit some of the best players around against each other. Here’s everything you need to know in order to watch along.

When the Valorant closed beta went live on April 7, gamers from around the globe quickly flocked to Twitch in hopes of getting access to the beta through watching streams. Plenty of players have already gotten into the beta, with Riot Games opening it up to more regions as time goes on. 

With some esports athletes already finding their groove, a few have made the switch – with the most shocking coming in the form of Overwatch League MVP Jay ‘Sinatraa’ Won. He, alongside his new Sentinels teammates, will be competing in T1’s Valorant Invitational and look like the favorites to take home the top prize. 

Player shooting in Valorant on Split.
Riot Games
Some of the best Valorant players around with do battle in T1’s event.

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What time is the T1 Valorant Invitational event?

The eight-team T1 Valorant event kicks off on Monday, May 4th at 10 am PDT/1 pm EDT/6 pm BST/7 pm CEST – meaning that fans from around the globe can watch a good portion of the action at a pretty reasonable time.

The matches should start pretty quickly after the show kicks off and barring technical difficulties, the action should flow smoothly. Though, it is an online event so there might be a few issues at some point. 

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T1 Valorant tournament streams

While a number of popular streamers and players are involved in the event, the main action will unfold on the T1 Twitch channel. This will be hosted and casted by Alex ‘GoldenBoy’ Mendez and Chris ‘Puckett’ Puckett.

Though, you will be able to watch some of your favorite players stream from their own POV. So, we’ve compiled a few streams below so you’ve got a central hub for everything. 

Watch live video from T1Esports on

Watch live video from Skadoodle on

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Who is playing in the T1 Valorant Invitational event?

As for the teams taking part in the event, two squads made it through open qualifiers, but one is headed up by CS:GO pros like Wardell and Subroze.

In terms of invited teams, you’ve got Team Shroud with Shroud and a few old CS:GO teammates, Sentinels’ new Valorant squad with Dizzy filling their fifth spot, and T1’s own Brax-led lineup that also lends a lot of former Counter-Strike players. As of writing, there is still one team left to be announced, but you can find the full rosters below.

Team Roster
T1 Brax, AzK, Crashies, EliGE, Skadoodle
Team Shroud Shroud, n0thing, Hiko, just9n, Relkys
Sentinels Sinatraa, ShahZaM, SicK, Zombs, Dizzy
MouseSpaz Wardell, Subroza, reltuC, drone, hazed
Prospects Cp2, Church, JoshRT, BabyJ, winsum
Team Sonii Sonii, StrongLegs, Swisher, Anger, Thief
Team Kurt Kurt, kaboose, witmer, ultra, vow

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With all of these players having plenty of time with Valorant, there should be some depth to their action – meaning we might start seeing some creative strategies, ability usage, and utility placement.

Who will take home the biggest slice of the $25,000 prize pool remains to be seen, but it should be an entertaining watch.