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How to unlock Widejoy spray for Valorant April Fools’ Day

Published: 1/Apr/2022 22:40

by Bill Cooney


Valorant is giving players a free spray for April Fools’ Day to commemorate one of the greatest memes in the community so far. Here’s how you can grab yours.

One of the biggest memes in Valorant so far all started as a graphical glitch with a Killjoy player card. As the name “Widejoy” suggests, it stretched out the image on the card to make the agent comically wide.

To celebrate April Fools’ Day 2022 Valorant is handing out free sprays to players to commemorate it for a limited time. Here’s how to get yours before time runs out.

How to unlock the Accidental Renaissance spray in Valorant

Riot Games
While the original card has been fixed, Widejoy is available as a card in the Episode 4, Act 2 Battlepass, and now as an exclusive spray.

The good news is that unlocking the special Widejoy spray is extremely simple to do.


All you have to do is log into Valorant sometime before April 8, and the ‘Accidental Renaissance spray will be automatically added to your collection.

After April 8 it will not longer be available, and there’s no indication that Riot will ever have it on offer again. So, if you want the spray, be sure to log in and grab it while you can.

The spray itself is a simple framed picture of Widejoy, in all of her glory, and goes along nicely with the other content related to the meme in the Episode 4, Act 2 Battlepass.

It’s a nice treat for Killjoy mains, and if you’re a Valorant collector, you won’t want to miss grabbing this spray either.