How to survive Valorant’s Spike explosion with simple Phoenix trick

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The Spike explosion in Valorant might incinerate every Agent in range, but Phoenix can actually withstand the heat and survive thanks to this simple trick.

Saving your equipment at the end of an all but lost round can give you a powerful advantage in Valorant. If your economy is running dry, the funds saved could help bring your team back into the fight.

While running away from a planted Spike is the obvious play, sometimes you might be pinned down. This clever Phoenix trick could help you survive the detonation even when the odds are stacked against you.

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Casting this ability could just save your economy for a few rounds.

How to survive a Spike explosion in Valorant

Once the Spike has been planted, all Agents need to be wary of its explosive radius, regardless of which side they’re on. Both Attackers and Defenders can lose their equipment if caught in the blast.

If you happen to be a Phoenix-main, however, you’re in luck. The fiery Duelist might just be the only Agent in Valorant that can live through the blast. All thanks to a well-timed duplicating Ultimate.

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Casting the ‘Run it Back’ ability moments before the explosion will see the Agent return to his original position. You’ll only have a few seconds in the duplicated form, but after the Spike has detonated, Phoenix will reappear at his initial location.


How can this Phoenix trick help win rounds?

Say you’re an aggressive Phoenix but find yourself at the end of the round with no teammates left alive. You want to keep your equipment but there’s no way you’ll make it out of the site alive. 

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For the tradeoff of his six-point ult, you can keep all of your items and help keep your team’s economy afloat. While it might not always seem like a great trade, this tactic could swing enough money your way to keep your team kitted out.

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Given the changes in Patch 0.50, economy control is going to be more important than ever. Phoenix’s abilities saw a cost increase, so saving credits is vital.

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This is just one of many tips that could help you climb through the ranks in competitive play. For 15 more, check out our full rundown here.

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