How to fix Valorant FPS frame drops after 1.01 patch

by Jacob Hale


Valorant is Riot Games’ brand new first-person shooter that has already become one of the most popular games in the world, but the 1.01 patch has seen some players struggling with frequent frame drops.

Even for those using high-end PCs and powerful builds, many players have reported FPS frame drops after the update, with no explanation as to why.

If you’ve been struggling with this issue and want to get back to peak frames in Valorant, you’ve come to the right place.


Riot Games
The 1.01 Valorant patch saw a Sage nerf and Spike Rush changes, among other things.

Valorant was released on June 2 with huge expectations and, while many players occupy the servers everyday, it still appears to be suffering from similar to issues to what many other games do, especially considering it’s only just launched.

If you’re suffering from FPS frame drops, there’s fortunately just a few small steps to follow to return the game back to normal.


The following solution was discovered by mackfan, who posted to the Valorant subreddit a simple list to gather their findings.

To check or fix the issue, here’s what they suggest to do:

  1. Launch Valorant, and minimize the game
  2. Open your Task Manager (by right clicking the Windows Task Bar and clicking "Task Manager")
  3. Click "More details", and select the "Processes" tab
  4. Right click Valorant, and select "Go to details"
  5. Right click "VALORANT-WIN64-Shipping.exe", and select "Set Affinity"
  6. A window will pop up showing which CPU threads are currently enabled for Valorant. If they're all checked, this fix probably doesn't apply to you. If there's only a couple checked off and everything else is unchecked? Check the box "<All Processors>" and click OK
  7. Repeat steps #5 and #6, but on "VALORANT.exe"

Riot Games
Complaints regarding stutters and frame drops started as soon as the update went live, the week following launch.


Many of the responses to mackfan’s thread suggested that it had instantly fixed their problem, with mackfan himself saying he discovered it after realizing Valorant was using only one of his four CPU cores.

Hopefully, this should help you too if you’re struggling with frame drops in Valorant, though with any luck Riot will find out why this is happening and implement a patch to stop the issue from recurring.