How to claim VCT LOCK//IN drops on Twitch and YouTube

VCT LOCK//IN dropsRiot Games

VCT LOCK//IN is less than a week away and Riot Games is letting viewers get involved with new drops for you to claim. Fans can earn these drops by watching the official broadcasts, either on Twitch or YouTube.

The Valorant Champions Tour LOCK//IN tournament will give fans the chance to celebrate the event both in and out of the game with exclusive drops and cosmetics attached to the tournament.

Riot Games has already teased the VCT LOCK//IN capsule, which fans can purchase to get a melee skin and other cosmetics. Half of the revenue from the capsule will go to the partnered esports organizations competing at the event.

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The developer also announced that drops are coming to the VCT LOCK//IN broadcasts. Fans will need to fulfill certain criteria to be eligible to earn these drops.

How to claim VCT LOCK//IN drops

A VCT LOCK//IN dropRiot Games
One of the cosmetics fans can claim from the broadcast.

To claim the VCT LOCK//IN drops, follow these steps:

  1. Head to Valorant’s official Twitch or YouTube channels. Official broadcasts will have “Drops Enabled” during the entire schedule.
  2. Fans should then connect their Valorant account to their chosen video streaming platform.
  3. Watch the livestreams for the required amount of time or at the specific time the drop is enabled.

VCT LOCK//IN: Drops reward schedule

Unlike other drop events like Valorant Champions, there are only two drops that fans can earn for this Valorant Champions Tour event, the “Locked In” Title and the VCT LOCK//IN Dad Hat Buddy.

The Title will be available for fans to earn the entire tournament, the event will run from February 13 through March 4, and the Gun Guddy can be earned by watching the Grand Finals live on March 4.

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The matches must be watched live, however, and watching co-streams of content creators will not count towards these drops, only official Valorant broadcasts.