How to accurately convert your CSGO mouse sensitivity to Valorant

Bill Cooney
Valve / Riot Games

Players coming to Valorant from CSGO might find the usual way of converting mouse sensitivity doesn’t quite feel right, but we’ve got all the info you need to know to get your settings just right.

In Valorant, aiming is everything – a fact that players coming from CSGO will already be well aware of. But they could be converting their mouse sensitivity incorrectly, which means things won’t be working like they should.

According to Reddit user binkaaa, the normal method of dividing your CSGO sensitivity by 3.18 doesn’t work due to Valorant’s slight field of view (FOV) difference.

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Valorant and CSGO have very similar mechanics, so bringing the settings you’re familiar with over is a great idea if you get it right.

If you used the 3.18 method to bring your settings into Valorant and things feel a little off, binkaaa explained that’s probably because it’s higher than you’re used to.

“This (3.18) will only give you the same sense of traversing the game world, as it matches the amount of distance required to move your mouse for a 360-degree rotation,” they explained. “BUT, due to the FOV difference between the two games of 3.26 degrees, you will not have the same SENSITIVITY.”

Counter-Strike has been around for decades while Valorant is a brand new release in 2020.

So what’s the solution to converting your CSGO settings to work the same in Valorant? To put it simply, if you play both games on a 16:9 resolution, try dividing your Counter-Strike sensitivity by 3.3735 and see how that works, compared to 3.18.

But that also leaves us with the issue of scoped sensitivity, which binkaaa also had a solution for. Fair warning, though, this one might not be as foolproof as the general sensitivity conversion rate.

“Unfortunately, at this time you can only correct for one zoom level,” they revealed. “I use the 2.5x zoom, to correct the scopes to the same level of my Valorant sensitivity, and if you correct as I have said using the CSGO conversion, you will also end up with your scopes behaving the same between CS:GO and Valorant.”

If you’ve been having trouble coming over to Valorant from CSGO or things just don’t feel quite right while you’re playing, hopefully, this new method of transferring your settings over will work out, and get you back in peak FPS form.

Binkaa goes into incredible amounts of detail about how exactly they used math to determine the differences between the two games and come up with an accurate solution, so if you’re into that kind of thing, their full post is definitely worth a read.

Having a familiar sensitivity will only take you so far in Valorant though, and to help you even more you can check out our guides to Reyna, Breach, Viper, and all of the other agents right here.