Hilarious Valorant fail costs Envy crucial round in VCT Stage 3

Valorant Team Envy Epic FailRiot Games

Team Envy proved that elite Valorant players still make mistakes after they hilariously forgot to defuse the spike, which would have evened the score in an important VCT game against 100 Thieves.

Team Envy are flying in North American Valorant, proving consistently they are one of the region’s best teams.

However, even the pros make elementary mistakes.

In an important VCT Stage 3 2021 Challengers match against 100 Thieves, they totally forgot how the game worked, and it left the Valorant community in stitches.

Valorant Team Envy Epic FailRiot Games
The slip-up happened on Haven’s C-site.

Team Envy were down 6-5 on Haven but had the next round in the bag after they managed to re-take the C-site. All they had to do was defuse the bomb, and the round was theirs. It would have also evened the score and potentially turned the momentum in their favor.

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But unfortunately for them, it wasn’t meant to be. Jimmy ‘Marved’ Nguyen started defusing the bomb but stopped halfway.

He ran away, then the other surviving team member, Victor ‘Victor’ Wong, didn’t pick up what Marved put down. By the time either of them realized what was going on, they ran out of time to right their wrongs.

Not only did the hilarious blunder cost them the round and put the ball back in 100 Thieves court, but it could have rattled team morale. They went on to lose 13-9 and 13-7 on the next map, Icebox, which dropped them down to the lower bracket.

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However, the reaction afterwards was gracious, with the organization and players seeing the funny side of things.

People were even drawing comparisons to the iconic G2 CS:GO clip, where they forgot to defuse the bomb against Astralis at the Berlin Major, ultimately losing them the game.

They managed to bounce back later in the day, beating Gen.G in the second round of the lower bracket to qualify for Challengers Playoffs, and now face Sentinels in the third round.

You can bet they’ll hope to avoid making the same mistake again.