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Hiko: The Clutch God Who Risked it All in VALORANT

Published: 7/Apr/2021 2:31

by Alan Bernal


Spencer ‘Hiko’ Martin is a widely-respected player in Valorant for being a clutch talent who can captain a team through highs and lows – and he’s been doing it his entire career.

The 31-year-old American has an incredible history in CS:GO for his individual performances, although Major trophies had always eluded him.

After finishing his time with Rogue, one of many project teams that he was charged to helm, and steadily growing his personal brand, Hiko’s competitive career took a massive turn when Valorant launched.

He had made the leap with 100 Thieves to Riot Games’ new esport. The beginning was shaky, uneventful, and ultimately a lost cause near the end.


While their matches introduced a lot of fun ideas, the team couldn’t string meaningful results and it was later evident that 100T was going nowhere fast in an increasingly competitive scene.

That’s when the org made a complete change to their roster, only keeping the Clutch God to rebuild the team in his vision.He needed to create a winning team.

To revamp the 100T Valorant squad, Hiko loaded up with talents from his former esport like Nicholas ‘nitr0’ Cannella and Joshua ‘steel’ Nissan.

Months later 100 Thieves would win First Strike North America and be a top team in the scene.


The Clutch God had done it again, this time, outside of the server. Now 100 Thieves will look to replicate that success in VCT Stage 2 with Hiko leading the way.