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High ranked Valorant streamer Solista banned for cheating live on Twitch

Published: 16/Apr/2021 12:03

by Connor Bennett


A high-ranking Valorant Radiant player got banned while streaming live on Twitch, prompting members of the community to wonder just how they went under the radar for so long. 

When Valorant was first launched, much was made about the Vanguard anti-cheat system that Riot Games had put in place. 

The high-tech anti-cheat system, which some believed was too “invasive”, was supposed to make it so cheating would never occur in Valorant. However, as we know, if cheaters want to cheat, they’ll find a way to do so. 

Everything from wallhacks to aimbots and trigger bots – which shoot for you as you aim at a player – have been found in Valorant. However, one player went under the radar for quite some time until they were finally banned live on stream. 


Valorant anti-cheat Vanguard
Riot Games
Riot made bold claims about the capabiltiy of their anti-cheat systems.

Solista_TV banned from Valorant

The banned player in question is Solista, who might be familiar to North American players who dabble in Radiant ranked games of Valorant. 

While streaming on Twitch on April 14, the Reyna main had their game on Split terminated after 18 rounds as the anti-cheat message flashed up on screen, informing players that a cheater had been discovered in the game. 

Solista quickly progressed past the message, only to discover that he was actually banned. “You have been banned from playing VALORANT,” it said, leaving Solista to be a bit shocked. “What, really dude?” he said in response before watching off camera. 


As the ban went viral on Reddit across multiple different subreddits, players taken aback by Solista’s stats, noting that he’d hit 65th in North America and played with Shroud and different Valorant pros. 

“It took them how long to detect him? That’s a lot of people’s games he ruined already,” said one player. “Sad thing is he was most probably manually banned. Or a result of mass reporting. Either way, Vanguard didn’t detect it,” added another. 

The ban doesn’t look to be a temporary one either, given that Solista’s account hasn’t registered a game since the ban was issued per Tracker.GG


His Twitch channel is also gone, given it is against Twitch’s Terms of Service to stream while cheating. Whether he’ll return is unknown, but players will be on the lookout.