Hidden Zedd Easter Egg discovered in Valorant’s Breeze map

Connor Knudsen
zedd valorant
Riot Games / Wikimedia Commons

In a hidden recording studio in Valorant’s Breeze map, one player has found a Zedd Easter Egg that fans are sure to recognize.

Back in September 2021, Valorant partnered with recording artist and famous DJ, Zedd, to create a line of gun skins dedicated to the game-loving musician.

These blew up upon release, with flashy animations and a great tune to accompany each shot fired.

However, few may know that there is a hidden Easter Egg on Breeze that’s also dedicated to Zedd, with a hidden tune within it to boot.

Hidden Zedd Easter Egg on Breeze in Valorant

Valorant x Zedd Spectrum skins
Riot Games
Zedd already has a line of skins in the game, but Riot didn’t stop there.

Valorant players have discovered a Zedd Easter Egg on Valorant’s Breeze map that actually pays homage to the artist’s skin line – Spectrum.

Located in the tucked away recording studio on the map that is easy enough to miss on its own, there’s also sheet music that actually plays the melody from the skin line.

This was posted to the Valorant subreddit on February 9 and the community has shown their love for the findings, upvoting the post over 3,700 times so far.

Valorant, despite being a younger game relatively, has already made it a priority to throw in sneaky Easter Eggs into its game.

This has included several like the one above on Breeze, as well as ones for KAY/O and the Champions gun skin.

As the game heads into Episode 4 Act 2, there will be no new agents or maps to feature such hidden gems, so players will have to wait until the following Act for any new content.

However, that doesn’t mean nothing new is happening. Be sure to check out the massive updates to Yoru that will soon be live, and all other Valorant news and updates here at Dexerto.