Hasan instantly learns how toxic Valorant Competitive can be in second-ever game

HasanAbi twitch streamTwitch: HasanAbi

Twitch star Hasan Piker has been getting to grips with Riot Games’ FPS Valorant, but after finally dropping into some competitive matches, he immediately regretting trying to engage with his teammates.

While Hasan is best known for his political streams, he’s also a pretty avid gamer, and has been trying to get into Valorant on stream, much to his viewers’ entertainment.

However, while learning the game, he’s rarely ventured into the depths of ranked play, instead opting to learn the game in casual modes before attempting to get rated and play in Competitive matches.

It didn’t take long for Hasan to realize how seriously Valorant players take their game, though, as he immediately started receiving abuse before his second ever Competitive match even started.

Wanting to give his teammates a chance to prepare, Hasan warned them before the game started that it was “his second ever competitive game” — and the response wasn’t quite what he would have expected.

Within seconds, one teammate told him to “get off Rated” and called him a homophobic slur, leaving a stunned Hasan to have to mute the player, who eventually ended up leaving.

Luckily, it didn’t take long for Hasan to get into another match, and his teammates took no issue with him declaring that it was only his second Competitive match.

While things didn’t go brilliantly, Hasan at least didn’t have to face the same level of abuse in the next match, but it definitely helped open his eyes to how brutal random teammates can be.