Gen.G to host female and non-binary Valorant tournament Astral Clash Series

Astral Clash logo with Gen.G, Galorants and other logos featuredDCK

Gen.G and Galorants, a community that supports female and non-binary people in the Valorant community, have partnered with Tampax and Always to launch the Astral Clash Series. The tournament series will feature female and non-binary teams competing for a spot at an in-person finals in Southern California.

The tournament will be held over the course of the summer with the online qualifiers running from June 17-19 and July 15-17. The top four teams from the two qualifying events will earn a trip to the in-person finals that will take place on August 6.

First and second place in the qualifying tournaments will net teams $500 and $250, respectively, with the trip to California being an “all expenses paid” affair.

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Astral Clash is set to be hosted by Lucy Mae, a frequent face on Valorant’s North American Game Changers broadcast, and will feature two ambassador teams from Tampax and Always that will support the tournaments with livestreams, giveaways and an appearance at the finals.

The Tampax team will include Gen.G content creators ‘Krystalogy,’ Jessica Kim and Nicki Taylor, while Always will feature ‘Blisskai,’ Shannon Williams and the only non-Gen.G creator in ‘Raeyei.’

The two ambassador teams will also play to raise money for charity with Tampax playing for the Period Education Project and Always competing for Uniquely You Summit.

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“This tournament is all about amplifying some of the best of the best VALORANT has to offer,” Nicci Barker, Owner and Co-Creator of Galorants said.

“We’re beyond the point of needless separation when it comes to esports when there are likely teams who desperately need this level of talent in their own organization. With the help of Tampax and Always we are helping breakdown these gender barriers.”

Astral Clash may also extend into a winter tournament series as the tournament website lists another virtual qualifier to come in December and an in-person finals in March 2023.