Gekko already leading Valorant Episode 6 meta with huge winrate

Valorant Patch 6.06 bodyRiot Games

Valorant’s new agent, Gekko, may have only just release, yet he is already leading the charge in ranked lobbies with the second-highest winrate out of every agent. 

Even before his release, when players had a look at Gekko’s skill set during the VCT LOCK//IN showmatch, players like tarik were quickly calling the agent overpowered. And now that he has officially hit the servers, it seems like he is fast-becoming a must-pick for teams in ranked play. 

Joining the game as its sixth Initiator, Gekko has already made a splash in the community. His creature-centered kit allows him to flash, stun, and molly enemies, but most importantly, he has a small creature that plants and defuses the spike for him.

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Despite the many memes and fawning over the adorable bomb-planting and defusing buddy, he has been the subject of scrutiny. As that one ability can be quiet tough to counter in many clutch situations. 

And we’re now seeing just how good he truly is. According to data from, Gekko currently has the second-highest winrate out of any agent in the game. Only Killjoy was able to stop him from taking the top spot.

Riot Games
Wingman allows you to plant or defuse the bomb without entering the bomb site.

He is currently sitting at a 51.3% win rate. Despite the paltry ACS and KD stats, his winrate indicates just how good his abilities are for helping the team. Especially Wingman, as it functions as a sixth man to plant/defuse the bomb, making site takes infinitely easier.

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Looking at ranked winrates is usually a good indicator of how good, or at times, how overpowered an agent might be. When Chamber was in the meta, he was always number one in this regard. But now that Killjoy received buffs during the off-season and is squarely in the meta, her winrate shot up in kind. 

Gekko has also been confirmed to be playable in the upcoming International Leagues and Challengers circuits later into March. Thus, it won’t be too much of a surprise if he and Killjoy both on to define the coming meta-shift.