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Game-changing Viper exploit lets her wall off entire Valorant map

Published: 4/Sep/2020 8:50

by Brad Norton


Viper mains may have a new trick up their sleeves until the next Valorant patch as a game-changing exploit has been uncovered, allowing the agent to block off all of Bind.

Viper has long been labeled one of the least effective agents in Valorant. With an exceedingly low pick-rate in competitive play and official tournaments, it’s rare that her abilities trump those of other agents.

However, an insanely powerful exploit has just been uncovered for the Controller agent. She can block off lines of sight across the entirety of Bind. Typically, her Toxic Screen ability only extends for a set distance before coming to an end. This trick has it stretching across a full map though.

It can only be done on Bind, and it can only be properly setup while on defense. However, you can keep it in your back pocket for an attacker post-plant. Here’s what you need to look out for.

If you’re playing on Bind, her Toxic Screen can surprisingly be sent through teleporters. While the minimap shows the ability coming to an end the same distance as usual, it actually restarts the length once the ability comes through the teleporter.

This means that you can sit outside of showers before the round begins, then launch the Toxic Screen and cutoff the entire map. Both A and B will be split in half as the poisonous wall remains up. Technically, Viper can assist teammates at B long while still sitting on the objective near A site.

This obviously comes with its pros and cons, though. While it’s extremely powerful, it can also come as a hindrance if your team is trying to scout on defense. It also gives Agents like Phoenix more opportunities to launch his flashes through the toxic surface.

Valorant Bind map overview
Riot Games
This Viper trick can only be executed on Bind due to the map’s teleporters.

While an assortment of abilities are able to push through the teleporter and work just fine, this appears to be an unintended bug. Riot is yet to respond to the issue, but there’s a good chance we see this phased out in the next patch.

If Bind comes up in rotation, be sure to keep an eye out for the niche Viper pick. She might just put a stop to your plans before they even get going.


How to transfer your Overwatch settings over to Valorant

Published: 18/Jan/2021 23:53

by Bill Cooney


Overwatch and Valorant are about as different as you can get gameplay-wise, but transferring your settings between the two is actually extremely simple, and we’ll tell you exactly how to do it right here.

You’d be hard-pressed to find two FPS games that are more unalike one another than Valorant and Overwatch. Sure there are a few similarities like unique agents/heroes and their special abilities. Some heroes (Omen/Reaper & Sova/Hanzo) also bear some striking visual similarities as well, but gameplay-wise the two are night and day.

For example, in Valorant, tactical positioning and gunplay are key, while over in Overwatch one of the most powerful meta characters at the moment is a sentient hamster piloting a Mech with a grappling hook.

Differences aside though, Riot’s new FPS has attracted a good number of players from every kind of game, including Blizzard’s flagship. If you want to use the same sensitivity in both games to keep it consistent, there’s a very easy way to make sure you’re settings are right.

Valorant Omen artwork
Riot Games
Reaper is that you? Oh no, it’s just Omen, carry on then.

How to bring Overwatch settings into Valorant

Some Overwatch players might not like to admit it, but aim just doesn’t play as much of a factor there as it does in tactical shooters like Valorant, which plays more like CSGO. Sure heroes like McCree, Widow, and Ashe certainly take skill, but let’s be honest, you don’t need pinpoint aim to successfully play Winston.

But as gamers, we know it’s important to have the same sense of movement no matter which game you play, as you don’t want to be dragging the mouse multiple times to aim, or on the other side have to deal with too much oversensitivity.

Below is an accurate way to transfer your mouse sensitivity settings from Overwatch into Valorant, it might not be totally perfect, but it gives you a great starting point to fine-tune from:

  1. Go into Overwatch and note your preferred sensitivity settings.
  2. Divide that value by 10.6.
  3. Input your settings into Valorant and make sure they feel comfortable.
  4. Hop into a match and show teammates what Overwatch players can really do.
Cypher, Brimstone, and Sage in Valorant
Riot Games
They’re not the Heroes (Agents, sorry) we’re used to, but they’ll do.

As mentioned before though, Overwatch and Valorant are very different games, so you might find from playing a bit that you prefer different settings in one over the other.

Plenty of Overwatch pros have made a successful switch to Riot’s new FPS so it is possible to be successful at both, just be prepared for a steeper learning curve than Siege or CSGO players might have to face.

So what are you waiting for? If you’ve played Hanzo, you basically already know the basics of how to play Sova, so try tweaking that sensitivity like we told you, and give it a go.