Game-breaking Valorant exploit lets Omen teleport through spawn walls

Omen in ValorantRiot Games

September 4 update (4pm PT): Riot have patched out this Omen exploit, and similar ones like it, in a hotfix. The changes will be shipped to NA first, before being pushed to Europe, Asia, and other regions.

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Earlier: Every player in Valorant is sectioned off at the start of a round by the spawn walls. However, a new exploit has been covered allowing Omen to completely bypass it, giving him and his allies an advantage.

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The spawn walls are there to give players a chance to set up every round. If defenders could push right up to the attacker’s spawn, there’d be no hope of winning the round.

However, there’s a new exploit floating around that allows players to get through the spawn walls, giving them a headstart on the round. While it’s only for one character, it can make all the difference ⁠— especially since only one side can do it.

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Bind A site in ValorantRiot Games
Omen can teleport out of Bind A site through the spawn gates before the round starts.

YouTuber ‘Dylbobz’ shared the clip on August 31, much to the dismay of every Valorant player. In the video, Dylbobz manages to get his allied Omen to glitch through the spawn walls and get a head start on his opponents.

The glitch currently only works on Bind A site, but even then, its existence is game-breaking enough. It’s incredibly easy to pull off too.

You’ll need an ally to dash on top of the A short boxes on the Defender side ⁠— like Jett or Raze. Then, the Omen needs to teleport on top of the ally. If you do it correctly, the Omen will be nudged through the wall, giving him access to the whole of A short.

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The ramifications of this need no explanation. You can get a super aggressive position early into the round. Enemies won’t even think to check their corners that early, so you can definitely get the jump on them.

The barriers also block vision at the start of the round, so they can’t see you sneaking anywhere around before the battle begins. You can change things up every round too, so the enemy will never know where you are. After enough times though, they’ll probably just send it to B.

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It’s unknown as to whether there’s actually any other places Omen players could abuse this bug. Because it’s an exploit too, if Riot catch you using it, they’ll likely ban you for it. They’ve done that numerous times in League of Legends, so they’d follow the same practice in Valorant.

If you want to try it out for yourself ⁠— see it with your own two eyes ⁠— you can hop into a custom and do it. Therefore, you get to see all the neat tricks, without fear of getting banned or ruining matchmaking for it.

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