Game-breaking Valorant bug allows Jett to fly across entire maps

Riot Games

Valorant players have discovered a new exploit for Jett that literally breaks the game by allowing the Agent to soar across the map just like her name implies, and all it takes is a little help from Sage.

We all know Jett can technically fly with her Updraft and Tailwind abilities, but it’s more like “hopping with style” as she can only go so far using the combo.

However, some Valorant players have uncovered an apparent glitch that, with some help from Sage’s wall, can send Jett soaring across the entire map– no matter which one it is and in no time.

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Valorant Agent Jett cinematicRiot Games
Is that a bird? A plane? No! It’s Jett!

We have YouTuber TPAXTOP to thank for bringing this exploit/glitch to our attention in a recent video (and shoutout to Redditor R9_Reaper for posting it on Reddit as well).

To break down how exactly this glitch works, it doesn’t actually increase the distance of Backdraft. Instead it technically just increases the speed at which Jett flies across the map.

According to TPAXTOP’s vid, starting on top of Sage’s wall allows you achieve the maximum in-game velocity Jett can possibly reach with Backdraft. While she does seem to have the same downward momentum as normal, it’s the horizontal speed that has been turned up to 11.

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If you look closely, there does seem to be a bit of a trick to getting this to work, though. Simply activating Backdraft on Sage’s wall won’t work just by standing there. You actually have to back off of the wall, then quickly activate the ability to get super speed.

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You can see this in action down below:

One last thing, since the momentum is entirely horizontal instead of vertical, you won’t be able to clear any of the higher walls in the game, but you can go from one end of the map to another in literally no time at all.

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For instance, from the C Site on Haven you can easily reach C long and catch any pushing enemies completely by surprise, or even from behind if they’re up far enough.

So, now that you’ve mastered Jett’s Sonic the Hedgehog impression, you can start soaring around the map and catching enemies who don’t know any better off guard. At least, until whenever Riot gets around to fixing it.

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