Gambit player Chronicle urges Riot to delete “troll” Valorant map Haven

Bill Cooney
Chronicle Gambit Esports HavenGambit/Riot

Gambit player Timofey ‘Chronicle’ Khromov has called on Riot to remove Haven from the competitive pool, calling it a “troll map.”

At the post-Finals Valorant Masters Stage 3 press conference the champs were asked about the map Haven, and whether they prepared at all for it. Whether they had plans or not, they still took the map 13-11 during their impressive 3-0 sweep against Envy.

Even though they got out with a W, one player on Moscow’s Finest doesn’t seem at all impressed with Haven. Chronicle suggested multiple times Riot should strongly consider taking the map out of competitive play.

Timestamp at 3:15 for mobile viewers.

“Haven is just a troll map,” Khromov told reporters. “I think Riot should just delete that map from the competitive map list. It’s really annoying, it’s really random.”

Riot devs have told us that each map in Valorant is designed with its own gimmick, to set each one apart as its own unique challenge for players. To accomplish this for Haven they gave us three different areas to plant the Spike: an A, B and C site.

It definitely makes for a feature that causes plenty of randomness in games, as Chronicle pointed out. However, it doesn’t seem like he has to suffer through it any more than he absolutely has to, as Gambit went into the map without practicing — according to G2 captain m1xwell.

After Ayaz ‘nAts’ Akhmetshin joked later on in the presser that Gambit “had fun” on Haven, Khromov chimed in again: “It is s***, delete this map please. I don’t want this map, really.”

His obvious issues with the classic Valorant stage made clear, the 19-year-old apparently didn’t let it slow him down at all. Chronicle ended up being the dark horse of the finals for Gambit, finishing the match with 73 kills total.

Unfortunately for the newly-minted Masters champ, Riot most likely will not be removing any maps from the competitive pool in time for Valorant Champions in December.

However, that’s not to say we couldn’t see a shake up of the maps used in competition as more and more get added in the future. But for that, we just have to wait and see.