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G2 Esports’ Valorant redemption: “People expect me to fix this team”

Published: 28/Jan/2021 15:32

by Lauren Bergin


Aleksander ‘zeek’ Zygmunt is G2 Esports’ controversial new Valorant star. We interviewed the former Nolpenki frontman ahead of Red Bull’s Home Ground event & leading up to Champions Tour!

It’s safe to say that going into the Red Bull’s Home Ground and the Valorant Champions Tour as a whole, G2 Esports have a bit of work to do.

After a disappointing performance at First Strike Europe, the team placed in the middle of the pack. It was the same with Nolpenki, a former orgless team who had taken the tournament by storm due to the insane abilities of zeek.


In order to combat their First Strike woes, G2 have picked up the Polish superstar in an attempt to plug the gaping hole that the release of David ‘Davidp’ Prins left in the iconic squad.

Zeek: G2 Esports’ answer to First Strike woes

While the announcement that zeek was replacing Davidp left some fans out in the cold, the Polish player noted that, after his trials with the squad, G2 called him a “super good, flexible player” that was “just what they needed.”

That’s hardly up for dispute, considering his varied Agent pool during First Strike that saw him firing off Recon Darts as Sova one minute, and throwing Paint Shells as Raze the other.


G2’s community are largely pretty happy to see the new addition to the roster though, even though it may initially have appeared a little hasty considering G2’s insane winning record. He notes that “people expect me to kind of fix this team” — although in his opinion, the team don’t need superglue, just a little band aid.

“The level of the team is still super high, we’ll be the top team in Europe… I just hope I’ll be the guy that gives them some redemption for First Strike.”

It’s safe to say that G2 believe that their future is pretty bright, and we can’t wait to see their performance in Red Bull Home Ground and beyond. Is zeek going to be the key to success? Only time will tell…