FunPlus Phoenix replaced by Team Liquid at VCT Masters Reykjavik due to travel restrictions

FPX-Valorant-First-Strike-EUFunPlusPheonix via. Twitter

Riot Games have announced that FunPlus Phoenix will be unable to attend the VCT Masters tournament in Reyjavik due to continuing travel restrictions in Ukraine and Russia.

As the invasion of Ukraine continues, the world of CIS esports remains heavily affected by the continuing crisis in the region. The latest organization affected by the conflict is FunPlux Phoenix, with Riot Games announcing on March 28 that the team would be unable to attend the upcoming VCT Masters tournament in Reyjavik.

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FPX’s roster contains both Russian and Ukrainian players, and despite concessions made by Riot to allow the team a chance to attend, they were unable to find solutions that allowed them to field a complete roster in time for the tournament’s start on April 10.

These concessions included Riot “extending the roster lock window, relaxing emergency substitute rules, and liaising with the relevant government officials” according to their announcement, but none of these measures were successful in allowing FPX a chance to compete.

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FPX were crowned the winners of VCT Champions EMEA on March 27, beating G2 Esports 3:1 in the final for the title of domestic champions and securing themselves a first-seed spot for Masters.

Team Liquid offered FPX’s spot

In order to ensure that the EMEA region can put forward three representatives at Valorant’s first international tournament of the year, FPX’s spot has been offered to Team Liquid, who will attend the tournament in their stead. Liquid narrowly missed qualification to VCT Masters after being eliminated 2:0 by G2 in the second round of the EMEA Champions Tour loser’s bracket.

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According to Riot’s announcement, FPX will still be awarded VCT points and a share of the event’s prize pool despite being unable to attend. Despite this, many were quick to label the decision to give the spot to Liquid as unfair, with FPX player Zyppan taking to Twitter to express his frustrations.

The EMEA representation at VCT Masters Reykjavik will now be G2 Esports, Fnatic, and Team Liquid.