FPX confirm stand-in for VCT Masters Copenhagen with SUYGETSU unable to play group stage

Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games

As one of EMEA’s two representatives at VCT Masters Copenhagen, FPX announced today that they would be fielding a substitute in the form of Mathias ‘SEIDER’ Seider, formerly flex for Alliance in VRL Northern Europe.

The news came with confirmation that Dmitry ‘SUYGETSU’ Ilyushin would be unable to attend the group stage of the tournament due to ongoing issues in securing his Visa.

VCT Masters Copenhagen is already underway, with competition kicking off on July 10 for the second international tournament in the 2022 VALORANT calendar.

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But it’s not been smooth sailing for all the teams participating to even make it to Denmark in time to represent their region. On July 11, EMEA representatives FPX announced that, due to ongoing Visa issues for SUYGETSU, they would be fielding a substitute for at least the group stage of the tournament.

That substitute is none other than Mathias ‘SEIDER’ Seider, flex player for Alliance competing in VRL Northern Europe. This will be SEIDER’s first time competing in a tier-one league within the Valorant circuit, and according to FPX’s statement, they believe he will “easily slot in” and bring some “valuable diversities” to the roster. However, his performance with Alliance in VRL NE was less than impressive, with the team finishing dead last in the region and failing to win a single map.

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SUYGETSU’s Visa situation

FPX have not clarified the specifics of SUYGETSU’s issues acquiring a Visa. It’s unclear if it is due to any specific sanctions on SUYGETSU as a Russian national – fellow FPX teammate Andrey ‘Shao’ Kiprsky, also a Russian national, was able to enter Denmark with no difficulties.

However, in their statement, FPX were clear that the attempt to gain access to Denmark for SUYGETSU was an ongoing process. They claim that while they have been “working hard” on securing his Visa, the timeframe for its approval is still uncertain – meaning that there could still be a potential for him to join the roster in Denmark should his Visa be approved before the end of the tournament.

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In a pre-event press conference for Masters Copenhagen, Ardis ‘ardiis’ Svarenieks stated that he hoped the team would have their full roster available heading into the playoffs, but that for groups the team would play with a stand-in throughout.

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