FNS offers advice to Asuna & SkRossi over VCT LOCK//IN criticism

OpTic FNS sitting in a thrown at Valorant Masters CopenhagenSebastian Stigsby/Riot Games

NRG captain Pujan ‘FNS’ Mehta gave some advice on Twitter to 100 Thieves’ Peter ‘Asuna’ Mazuryk and Global Esports’ Ganesh ‘SkRossi’ Gangadhar after the two received some criticism following their opening performances at VCT LOCK//IN.

Asuna and SkRossi did not showcase their best performances in their first matches at VCT LOCK//IN. Global Esports fell to Team Vitality 2-1, with SkRossi finishing at the bottom of the leaderboard in terms of kills and deaths for the series. The Indian pro has received some criticism on Reddit following the defeat as many were left disappointed by his performance on the international stage.

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100 Thieves managed to win their opening match after edging past EDG, but Asuna also came in at the bottom of the leaderboard and put up some of the worst statistics of his career. After the match, he apologized to the team’s fans for his poor display.

FNS, a veteran of competitive esports, took to Twitter to give some advice to the young players following the backlash.

FNS gives some wisdom for the young guns at VCT LOCK//IN

“You are good players with bright futures ahead of you,” the NRG captain wrote. “Don’t fall into the trap of looking at Reddit, Twitter comments, etc. It doesn’t matter what anyone thinks except for the people on your team. They know your value and believe in you.”

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FNS himself has seen his own fair share of criticism come his way during his professional career across Valorant and CS:GO. While his run as the IGL of Envy and OpTic Gaming has given him authority and prestige in the Valorant community, FNS has been around esports long enough to see multiple threads of fans criticizing his performances.

Both Asuna and SkRossi responded to FNS, with the North American taking a joking jab at his team and the Indian sending hearts and thanking the NRG player.

100 Thieves will play their next match on February 26 against FUT Esports in VCT LOCK//IN’s Round of 16.

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