FNS Explains OpTic Plan for LOUD Revenge! | VCT Press Conference

OpTic IGL FNS next to speech bubbleDexerto / Riot Games


OpTic Gaming are through to the VCT Masters Reykjavik grand final, cementing a rematch against Brazilian side LOUD on Sunday. After getting dismantled the first time around, IGL FNS is confident they have the right plan to enact their revenge.

OpTic Gaming put an end to the ZETA DIVISION miracle run at VCT Masters Reykjavik, sending the Japanese team packing in a 3-0 demolition in the lower bracket final.

Now they face an uphill battle against LOUD, who sent them down in the first place, in the grand final. However, in the battle of the Americas, IGL FNS has assured the NA hopeful they have the right plan of attack this time around to bring another major trophy home.

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