Floppy leaves Cloud9 after two-year stint across CS:GO, Valorant

. 10 months ago
Stephanie Lindgren for DreamHack

Ricky ‘floppy’ Kemery has left Cloud9 after playing for the organization for two years across two different games. The CS:GO veteran, who was a part of the infamous South African ATK roster, swapped to Valorant in April 2021.

Floppy went through thick and thin with Cloud9, having been picked up as part of their 2020 overhaul with the ATK roster before sticking around for the Colossus.

However, after Cloud9 left CS:GO for yet another time in April 2021, he found a home on their Valorant roster, continuing his pursuits for the organization in a new title.

After missing out on Valorant Masters Berlin though and having not played since July, Floppy called it quits.

“Today, we are sad to announce that we are mutually parting ways with Floppy,” Cloud9’s September 10 announcement read.

Kemery explained in a Twitlonger that he felt “a lack of purpose”, with NA CS:GO going through a tumultuous period and Valorant not quite scratching the itch.

“I suspect that it’s simply burnout from playing competitive tactical FPS for the last 7 years of my life, but as of right now, I haven’t been enjoying anything as much as I used to,” he said.

“In regard to CS, it feels like a piece of me has been ripped apart knowing that the NA region isn’t going to come back because of COVID, players throwing in MDL, a lack of a real developer, and other various reasons.

“Valorant hasn’t grown on me as much as CS did when I was a kid, but I am not going to completely rule the game out because it is not the game’s fault as to why I feel so [sad].”

Cloud9 CS:GO at DreamHack Open Leipzig 2020
Floppy (far right) was a part of Cloud9’s brief re-entry into CS:GO across 2020 and 2021.

Floppy will be taking a break from competing for the time being before re-evaluating his options as 2022 nears.

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