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Ex-Liquid CSGO star nitr0 reportedly switching to Valorant

Published: 11/Aug/2020 4:50 Updated: 11/Aug/2020 12:40

by Andrew Amos


Former Team Liquid CS:GO captain Nick ‘nitr0’ Cannella is reportedly the next in line to defect from Valve’s signature FPS title to Valorant, according to ESPN. Numerous teams have apparently bid to pick up the North American star.

Nitr0’s retirement from CS:GO came as a shock to many. He was moved off Team Liquid’s active roster at the end of July, and just days later he was replaced by Michael ‘grim’ Wince.

After an illustrious five-year career in Valve’s hallmark FPS title, including a Major final appearance and numerous big-name wins, nitr0 could have hung up the mouse and keyboard there. However, the veteran has his sights set on more glory.


nitr0 could soon be Valorant’s Captain America.

Nitr0 is looking at making the swap to Valorant after his retirement from CS:GO, according to ESPN. The former IGL and jack-of-all-trades would make a great addition to any squad, given his experience in CS:GO.

Numerous teams are said to have reached out to get nitr0 on their team. While he’s still technically under the Team Liquid banner for the time being, that hasn’t stopped anyone from trying to woo him over.

It should come as no surprise that nitr0 is moving to Valorant. The CS:GO star has been streaming the game a lot since his departure from Team Liquid’s starting roster last week.


He’s been playing alongside Braxton ‘brax’ Pierce of T1, and fragging out hard on agents like Raze, Phoenix, and Jett.

Brax even joked with nitr0 on his CS:GO retirement post to come join him for some Valorant. “Valorant welcomes you with open arms,” the T1 star tweeted. It looks like nitr0 took that to heart.

Nitr0 finished his Valorant placements in Immortal 3, and has been on that grind to Radiant since. He has also been tearing up 10-mans in the North American scene, making himself a name in yet another FPS title.

Nitr0 isn’t the only former CS:GO star potentially angling to get on a Valorant team. Former Cloud9 gunner Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek has alluded to going pro again in Valorant with a series of cryptic tweets. More could potentially be on their way too, but only time will tell.