Evil Geniuses Valorant player claims he got death threats after beating NRG

Evil Geniuses Valorant player Demon1Stefan Wisnoski/Riot Games

Evil Geniuses defeated NRG Esports 2-1 in the first round of the VCT Americas playoffs. On his live stream after the match, Evil Geniuses Valorant player Max ‘Demon1’ Mazanov said he received multiple death threats from NRG fans.

Evil Geniuses upset NRG Esports in the first round of the VCT Americas playoffs. EG took the series 2-1 after losing to NRG 2-0 the week prior in their final matchup of the regular season.

EG is a team full of young talent that has not had much experience in high-stakes international events, while NRG is a fan-favorite squad with players that have won major Valorant tournaments. The core three players of NRG, and their head coach, were on the OpTic Gaming roster that appeared at every international event and won VCT Masters Reykjavík in 2022.

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After the upset, NRG and EG’s coaches got into a spat on Twitter and it looks like the fallout from the match win did not end there. In a live stream after the series, Evil Geniuses’ primary Duelist player Demon1 revealed that he also had to deal with some internet hate based on the match result.

Evil Geniuses Valorant player allegedly received death threats

“I’m not going to lie, I opened my Twitter DM’s and I had so many death threats and like hate messages for no reason. Like, what? I didn’t think NRG fans were like that but like lowkey f*** the NRG fans. What the f*** is wrong with them,” he said.

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The 20-year-old player is new to tier-one competition as Evil Geniuses signed Demon1 from relative obscurity before he entered its starting rotation in VCT Americas. Unlike the veterans on NRG and EG, Demon1 has likely not experienced the vitriol from an opposing side’s fan base after defeating their favorite team.

Following their win against NRG, Evil Geniuses will face off against another Valorant powerhouse in Cloud9 on May 24 in the upper bracket of the VCT Americas playoff.

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