Everything we know about Valorant Agent 21: abilities, codename, more

Alec Mullins
Valorant Agent 21
Riot Games

Valorant’s next new agent will arrive later in Episode 5. From their leaked codename to their rumored abilities, this is everything we know about the mysterious newcomer. 

It’s nearly time for Valorant’s roster to grow yet again.

With a storm of new characters released since the game officially launched on June 2, 2020, there’s never much time for players to rest on their laurels.

Fade, a Radiant Initiator, is the latest addition but she won’t have the distinction for much longer, as Agent 21 should be joining the fight in the very near future.


Valorant Agent 21’s leaked name

Valorant's Agent 21 codename leaked
Riot Games
Valorant’s 21st agent has a secret dev codename and it has reportedly leaked.

Ahead of an official reveal, we first learned of Agent 21’s codename. As reported by ValorLeaks, Agent 21’s is internally known as Mage.

This is a term with direct connections to Riot Games’ other gaming juggernaut and could possibly indicate another crossover between the two titles like with Neon and Zeri.

It’s unknown at this time just how far the League of Legends influence might span, but given that magic is already such a prominent piece of Valorant’s ability system, it wouldn’t be too surprising to see another Agent put primordial forces to use similar to Omen.

Shortly after this codename spilled out online, an early teaser direct from Riot seemingly revealed the character’s full name. ‘Varun Batra’ appeared on an email in the Practice Range on July 30, hinting at a new “REALM operative” on the way.

Valorant Agent 21 rumored abilities

It’s still too early to jump to too many conclusions, but given that Astra was the last Controller to be added to the roster, it sure seems like the appropriate time to add another one.

If this is the case, then like Brimstone or Viper, the new character will likely hold the smokes for a team and be in charge of taking care of pesky sightlines.

Controllers also typically come with one utility ability, like a Stim Beacon or an Omen TP, but given that the range is so big, there’s no telling what the magical mystery Agent will bring.

Valorant Agent 21 release window

Valorant's Act 5 brings a new map
Riot Games
Act 5 is still in focus for the time being.

Based off of past release schedules, the new arrival likely won’t come until Episode 5 Act 2 releases sometime around August 24, 2022.

This will give players plenty of time to adjust to the shiny new Pearl map before they have to deal with another fresh face hitting the scene and stealing their RR.

So that’s everything we know so far about Valorant Agent 21! Looking to dominate the competition? Be sure to check out our other Valorant guides:

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