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Everything we know about Valorant Agent 17: Deadeye leaks, abilities, release date

Published: 31/Aug/2021 18:14 Updated: 31/Aug/2021 18:32

by Shay Robson


Teasers for Valorant’s 17th agent rumored to be called ‘Deadeye’ are now being revealed, with the agent’s release speculated to be shortly after the release of Episode 3 Act 2 on September 8.

Now that we’ve all settled down from the release of the cybernetic initiator KAY/O, we can look towards the release of Agent 17, rumored to be named ‘Deadeye,’ who should release shortly after Episode 3 Act 2 launches.

Deadeye was first spotted in Valorant’s Year One Anthem in June, and we’ve since seen small teasers leading up to his presumed release with Act 2.

Valorant Agent 17 details: abilities, gameplay, more

Currently, we don’t really know anything about Agent 17, other than the codename ‘Deadeye’ which was datamined in June alongside the codename for Agent 18, ‘Sprinter.’


This isn’t any indication of what the character’s official name will be, as ‘Deadeye’ is just a codename, but it could be a reference to what style this agent will have, which we can presume will be heavily focused around aiming.

Going off the teasers from the Valorant devs themselves, Deadeye could possibly be another duelist, and the name could. of course. back that up. On the other hand, Deadeye would be the sixth duelist in Valorant, so this could be unlikely.

Valorant Agent 17: release date

Deadeye is expected to release the patch after Episode 3 Act 2, which is expected to arrive on September 8.


This means the earliest we should see Deadeye is September 22 with patch 3.06 if Riot follows the same pattern as last year with releasing a new map and agent together.

We should expect more information about Deadeye’s release in the build-up to Episode 3 Act 2, which will release with a brand new map codenamed ‘Canyon.’