Epic Valorant skin idea gives Phoenix a zombified new look

. 2 years ago
Phoenix reloads his weapon in Valorant
Riot Games

Valorant Agent skins may not be coming to the game any time soon, but that hasn’t stopped fans and artist from reimagining the colorful cast of characters in entirely new ways in the form of concepts.

One such new skin idea comes from Redditor Noblebatterfly in the form of an undead zombie-like molten rock appearance for Phoenix, the game’s fire-based Agent.

With this skin, Phoenix has what appears to be lava emerging from out of his chiseled chest while his jacket is open.

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Riot Games
Phoenix has a variety of fire-based abilities.

Speaking of his jacket, the sharp-looking eggshell white blazer has been replaced with a burgundy one with sharp orange sleeves and collar.

Moving to Phoenix’s upper body, his face has some rough-looking scars and his eyes have been morphed from a tint of yellow to burning red.

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u/Noblebatterfly posted this skin to Reddit.


To cap it all off, his hair now appears to be made of stone with magma emerging from out of it.

The skin itself is quite impressive and would suit the character of Phoenix quite well, but it’s unlikely that any custom skins will be available in Valorant for the foreseeable future.

The reason for the lack of skins is likely due to not wanting players to get confused as to which agent they’re in a firefight against. In the heat of battle, knowing that your opponent could suddenly activate one of their special moves definitely provides a bit of an advantage, but that only works if you know who you’re facing.

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Riot Games
Hopefully Valorant gets some real skins in the future.

However, for unranked play, it would be fun if Riot Games reconsiders and decides to dip their toes into allowing Agent skins in addition to weapon skins.

As Dexerto previously reported, one way of implementing skins could be as simple as adding “casual” attire and keeping color schemes consistent with their original designs to avoid as much confusion as possible.

Until then, fans and artist are our best way to see Valorant’s Agents in completely new lights.

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