Envy Valorant officially moves to OpTic branding ahead of VCT 2022

OpTic Valorant team revealOpTic Gaming

OpTic Gaming has officially taken over Envy’s Valorant lineup ahead of the first VCT 2022 event following an early jersey leak that spilled out online.

  • OpTic has taken over Envy’s full Valorant team
  • FNS, Victor, crashies, yay, & Marved on the current roster
  • Team finished among Top 12 at Valorant Champions 2021

OpTic Gaming’s entry into the Valorant scene is now official. Following the historic Envy merger, OpTic branding has since taken over Envy’s Halo squad, and now, Valorant is next to join the Green Wall.

This transition leaked early through Envy’s online shop where a brand new OpTic Valorant jersey was spotted on the site.

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While two familiar faces in FNS and Victor first appeared in the black, green, and white colors, the full team was soon confirmed across OpTic’s social media.

Although the North American squad has seen a number of key staff changes in recent months, much of the core lineup has been together for over a year.

Marved and yay are the two most recent additions, with the former currently on loan from FaZe Clan. It’s expected the full squad will transfer over to OpTic without any roster changes.

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Throughout 2021, Envy consistently placed among North America’s top four squads. Their most significant result came at the Stage 3 Masters Berlin LAN where they finished second after falling to Gambit Esports.

The now OpTic lineup is one of four teams invited directly to the first VCT Challengers 2022 event. Games are set to get underway from February 11 as the region’s biggest squads look to qualify for Masters Stage 1.

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