Envy Valorant coach Mikes leaves team after waiting “months” for contract

Team Envy ValorantTeam Envy

Valorant coach Michael ‘Mikes’ Hockom has announced he’s leaving Team Envy after waiting “months” to sign a contract with the org.

Mikes joined Envy on June 20th, 2021, and helped the org become one of the most successful Valorant squads in North America. With him at the helm, Envy were even able to come in second place at VCT Masters Berlin.

However, now it seems like the team will need to find new leadership headed into Champions in December, as Mikes announced on October 1 he would be leaving the team after months of waiting for a contract.

“After a 3 month period of waiting for a contract to be completed and a concerning lack of communication from the org on the matter, I will no longer be working with Envy going forward,” the now-former coach said on Twitter. “I appreciate the team taking a chance on me when others wouldn’t.”

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While its unfortunate Mikes and Team Envy couldn’t reach a deal, the 22-year-old said he was proud of how far the squad had come in his time at coach, and would be looking for other opportunities.

“I’m very proud of how far they [Envy] were able to come in the time we had and excited to see their future growth,” he continued on Twitter. “Going forward I am taking offers for coaching positions.”

As Mikes waits to find another coaching opportunity, now Envy has to go about finding someone new to be in charge of their Valorant squad as well. There are still roughly two months until Valorant Champions starts Dec. 2, so plenty of time for any new coach to get acquainted if the team acts fast.

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