DRX BuZz saw through Cloud9 at VCT LOCK//IN: “I knew we were going to win”

DRX BuZz at VCT LOCK//INLance Skundrich/Riot Games

DRX eliminated Cloud9 at VCT LOCK//IN in the second round of the tournament 2-1. After the match, DRX’s Byung-chul ‘BuZz’ Yu said he could see through Cloud9’s cool demeanor on stage and knew his team was going to win.

DRX continued to impress at VCT LOCK//IN, defeating Cloud9 2-1 to send the North American squad home. The South Korean team’s first-round matchup against BBL Esports ended in a similar fashion, 2-1. After that match, DRX’s BuZz said in a Riot Games broadcast interview that he could see in his opponent’s eyes that they were mentally defeated before ultimately winning the series.

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DRX BuZz looks into the eyes of VCT LOCK//IN opponents

In a post-match press conference after their win against Cloud9, BuZz said he saw something different in Cloud9’s eyes but that he still knew his team would prevail.

“I didn’t see that source of desperation in their eyes,” BuZz said. “They were really calm and they were really cool and collected. But, they did something on the stage that I felt like they were kind of faking that whole being cooling collected, and maybe they predicted that they were going to lose and go home. That’s when I knew we were going to win the series.”

Cloud9 took the initial map, Pearl, 13-3 over DRX before the South Korean squad managed to win convincingly on Haven 13-7. BuZz and his teammates then sent C9 home after ending the series 13-2 on Icebox.

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Cloud9’s IGL Anthony ‘vanity’ Malaspina said in a post-match press conference that he felt like the match was closer than the scoreline might make it seem.

DRX will move on to the third round of the event and play to qualify for the playoff stage on February 19.