Dr Disrespect explains why he “hopes” shroud will go pro in Valorant

Brent Koepp
dr disrespect shroud valorant
YouTube: Dr Disrespect / Shroudy Rowdy

During his return broadcast on YouTube on August 7, popular streamer Dr Disrespect explained why he thinks Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek going pro in Valorant would be a great move for the former CSGO player.

Dr Disrespect made his triumphant return to streaming on August 7, going live for the first time since being permanently banned from Twitch in June. The Two-Time Champion has now made YouTube his new home.

During his two-hour long broadcast, the star opened up about shroud and speculated what could be next for him after being on hiatus since Mixer’s shutdown in July. Doc revealed why he thinks Grzesiek going pro in Valorant would be “sweet.”

dr disrespect with shroud
Twitter: @shroud
The two popular streamers have collaborated together for years.

Dr Disrespect speculates on shroud’s future

The streamer was pondering which YouTubers he could collaborate with in the future when he turned towards shroud’s current hiatus from the industry. “Where’s shroud?! What the hell is going on with shroud, can anyone tell me?!” he exclaimed.

“What are his little gifs?!” he continued, referring to shroud’s cryptic teasers he posted to Twitter on August 5. The 38-year old then joined in on the theory that his friend might go pro in the Riot developed FPS.

“I hope that he’s going pro. That is the only thing I can speculate. I hope he’s going pro, it looks like there is some hints on Valorant. I don’t know, I’ve seen some of the speculation around these gifs.” He then joked, “Jifs, gifs, f**k I don’t know.”

The streamer then explained why he thinks Valorant would be a good fit for his friend. “I hope he goes pro, that would be pretty sweet. Because I think Valorant will, you know, within the next year, two years, three years, it will be like the sort of Counter-Strike level, maybe. I don’t know. There is a hardcore following, hardcore player group, a community if you will.”

Only time will tell if the Two-Time Champion’s wishes will come true, though at the time of writing shroud has still yet to announce what his next move will be. The former CSGO pro hasn’t streamed since Mixer integrated with Facebook Gaming.

Dr Disrepect’s return to the industry was was a huge success for the personality, as his August 7 broadcast peaked at over 500k viewers – proof that people can’t get enough of the violence, speed, and momentum regardless of what platform he is on.