Is dephh Valorant’s most underrated leader?


ShahZaM, FNS, Jamppi: There’s a lot of highly-rated IGLs in Valorant. However, Jordan ‘n0thing’ Gilbert has his eyes set on XSET’s Rory ‘dephh’ Jackson, with the 29-year-old IGL pushing a team of rising stars towards Valorant Champions.

In Valorant, having a great IGL is the key to success. You can have all the fragging power in the world, but you need someone to command the army.

ShahZaM and FNS are widely hailed as two of the best, but n0thing believes dephh is an underrated top pick in the role.

Having played with dephh before, n0thing knows what he brings to the table ⁠— both with his team culture building and his strategic depth. If XSET make it to Valorant Champions, it’ll be on the back of dephh’s vast knowledge.

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