Dafran explodes after Valorant tournament hands him lifetime ban

Dafran competing in Overwatch.Blizzard

Former Overwatch pro and streamer Daniel ‘dafran’ Francesca was given a lifetime ban from Solary tournaments, including the current Cup being held for Valorant – and the reformed player didn’t take it lightly.

Confusion on the start time for HypHypHyp and dafran’s team ‘Prodigy,’ consisting of Oscar ‘mixwell’ Cañellas, Adil ‘ScreaM’ Benrlitom, Jacob ‘Pyth’ Mourujärvi, and Bayram ‘bramz’ Ben Redjeb, led to an explosive reaction from dafran.

In the tournament’s Discord for participants, the organizers reportedly made a change in the time that the Semifinals were to be played. His team had overlooked the announcement made days prior about the change in timing.

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SolaryTV Twitter
Dafran was given a lifetime ban from Solary events due to actions during the Valorant cup.

Due to the tardiness and time restraints, Solary was prepared to issue a map advantage to HypHypHyp. The embattled Overwatch star didn’t react well to the predicament.

“F*** the Solary Tournament on Valorant,” dafran said in an unpublished Tweet, among many more comments said on stream about Damien ‘HyP’ Souville, his team and Solary. “Bunch of cry baby b****es, doesn’t prove who is the best. Only who is favored by the french organizers.”

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Moments later he heard mixwell talking to Hyp. They discussed a potential reschedule for their match the following day when Hyp conditionally agreed in principle, but only if Prodigy played without dafran.

The unfolding situation rubbed dafran in the wrong way, both in lead up to the map advantage and the aftermath of the proposed rematch. His outbursts against Hyp before and after the map advantage discussions led to Solary issuing a ruling on his eligibility.

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“Today the player Dafran made disrespectful remarks during our Solary Cup on Valorant,” the Solary Cup organizers said. “Dafran is banned for life from our tournaments and his team will be able to play the game tomorrow with a substitute.”

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Solary’s ban once again fired up the player who responded to the decision: “Suck my ball sack. Joke of a tournament and organization. Hyp and his team of washed up OW players too scared to play. Bunch of b****es. Hf with ur dog s**t.”

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Though the entirety of Prodigy claimed they had not been made aware of the change in schedule, team HypHypHyp were waiting to load into the server.

“Semifinal is now bro,” HyP said, trying to call the attention of dafran. “Let’s go man, we can’t go above 7 PM and we can’t write on your Twitch [because of the] 30 minute follow.”

Team Prodigy will now have to look for a substitute to fill the player’s spot when they go up against HypHypHyp’s Valorant team in the Semifinals of the Solary Cup.

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