Cypher Cam bug lets Valorant players see through Lotus doors

Cypher ValorantRiot Games

Valorant players have discovered yet another Cypher Cam glitch, this time on the map Lotus that allows them to see through the rotating doors.

Riot Games has always had a tough time with Cypher and his camera as the ability has had many bugged spots for players to put place it. Now, players have found another glitched spot on the map Lotus.

Cypher players are able to place their camera inside the two rotating doors on the map and are able to see through the door and identify enemies on either side. The bugged spot was showcased on Twitter by pro Valorant coach Mathias ‘matti’ Nielsen.

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Valorant players find another Cypher Cam bug on Lotus

The bugged Cypher Cam is relatievly easy to replicate. Players just need to activate the doors by pressing the button next to them, which causes the doors to spin, and then place the camera where the doors usually stop.

Usually, the camera is broken by the doors as they are set back in place, however, if placed closer to the edges of the inside of the door, the camera will not be broken. Instead, the camera will remain intact and usable by the player.

Players should be able to see through the door and have vision on both sides when using the camera. This should be advantageous as players will be able to keep tabs on the enemy across the B and C Spike sites through one door, and the A site through the other.

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Fans of professional Valorant will not see this camera in a competitive match as VCT rules prohibit glitched spots for Cypher’s, and other Valorant Agents’, abilities. Riot Games patches Cypher Cam setups in almost every new update, so Valorant players should abuse this setup as much as possible before it is patched out of the game.