Crazy Valorant trick lets players defuse and avoid post-plant lineups

. 5 months ago
Toxic agent Viper in Valorant
YouTube: Valorant

Valorant fans have uncovered an insane trick that allows players to defuse the spike and dodge post-plant lineups at the same time.

Since Valorant’s launch in June 2020, the meta has significantly evolved, and players have become crafty with different strategies.

Among the many ways you can play the game on the attacking side almost two years after its initial release is with post-plant lineups, which are efficient in ensuring the defenders can’t defuse the spike.

However, a new trick showcased by one player might have proved a way to avoid dying from lineups when defusing.

Valorant Viper gameplay
Riot Games
Valorant players have become crafty using Viper’s snakebite after planting.

A Reddit thread from Valorant creator Jollztv on February 12 showed off a trick that involves using the ropes on various maps when defusing.

To avoid dying from a post-plant lineup, the creator demonstrates how changing your keybinds to match your defuse button allows you to sit on the rope above the spike.

Doing so means you won’t take any damage, so you won’t need to stress about any pesty lineups. In order to do this yourself, change your use object keybind to the same key as your defuse spike bind.

However, while the trick allows you to dodge Viper and Brimstone lineups, it’s not exactly efficient in protecting you from other agents. Players will still be vulnerable to Sova’s shock darts, and, of course, bullets – as you’ll likely be out in the open.

It’s also unlikely the spike will be planted in a perfect position to do this neat little trick in an actual game. But, if it ever is in an ideal spot this nifty trick could help you win the round.

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