Crazy Valorant “rocket ride” trick sends you flying like Fortnite

Riot Games

A technique in Valorant propels players forward at an incredibly high pace, reminiscent of Fortnite’s “rocket rides” that let players fly across wide areas of the map.

Esports commentator Grant Haynes and many others were revelling in the Viper trick that they say will surely get patched by Riot, though players are finding a ton of enjoyment while the fun lasts.

Viper comes equipped with a Toxic Screen that can be invaluable for zoning off entire sections of a bombsite. The screen she has requires her to drop a line of gas emitters that will summon the wall and, with slight coordination with a teammate, can make for a bizarre boost.

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Riot Games
The bug with Viper’s wall lets her give anyone a quick trip into a site.

In Haynes clip, it showed Viper preparing to lay down a straight line of emitters into the B site of Split from Garage. With a friend as a Jett, the players synced up to launch Viper’s wall as the other hit the apex of a jump.

After timing it right, laying down the groundwork of the wall will cause the mid-air ally to ride along the placement of the emitters.

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The way the clip shows Jett moving can remind some CSGO veterans of a run-boost that would typically be employed for passing through sketchy angles where someone could be scoped in to.

But because of the nature of Viper’s Toxic Screen, instead of it being a short-distance leap, it took them all the way down the trajectory of the emitters up until the player met the first obstacle in their way.

This trick doesn’t seem to be an intended outcome of the wall, so not many people are expecting Riot to allow players to utilize the tech much longer.

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Until then, like in Fortnite, using this as a viable way of executing on a site might not be ideal or possible in most instances due to the time it takes to set up and how vulnerable it leaves Viper and the wall riding teammate.

However, if a round is down to, for instance, a 2v2 this can actually be a good way to just barrel into a site since the defender on there will only be able to cover so many angles.

With Valorant still in beta, there’s bound to be more executables like this in the game, but don’t expect the devs to keep them in for long.