Crazy Valorant Phoenix buff idea would be perfect meta shake-up

Phoenix Agent holding a weapon in ValorantRiot Games

Valorant players are suggesting a crazy Phoenix buff concept that could actually put the unloved duelist back into the meta.

With Valorant constantly changing with almost every new patch, many Agents are slipping in and out of the meta.

One of the prime examples of this is Valorant’s very own fire boy Phoenix, who’s considered as one of the “weakest” Agents in Riot’s popular first-person shooter.

However, fans have a suggested crazy buff concept – and it’s not actually the worst idea, as it could put the duelist right back amongst the game’s best agents.

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Valorant Phoenix backgroundRiot Games
Phoenix hasn’t seen much love by the Valorant devs in recent times.

Currently, Phoenix comfortably holds the third-lowest win rate in Valorant at 45.7% according to Valorbuff. However, fans have an ambitious idea in mind that would help the duelist out.

In a March 19 Reddit thread, Valorant player triplebabyquadra sparked a discussion after suggesting a buff that would allow the British agent to “surf” on his wall. “Phoenix is the only duelist in the game without a movement ability,” the player noted.

“He’s also undeniably the weakest agent in the game right now in the current meta. I think that a Phoenix rework with emphasis on giving him some mobility would be great to balance the champion. My idea is to rework the wall into a completely new and unique ability.”

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Essentially the idea is that when Phoenix’s wall is up, the updated ability would allow him to surf on the wave – but would give the Agent low gun accuracy unless his ultimate is active to balance it out.

However, as noted by others in the thread, the suggestion could be quite tricky to balance. “I think this could actually work. Might be a bit tricky to balance but if done right could be exactly what Phoenix needs,” said one fan.

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Some thought the idea would be a bit too far, and suggested a simpler idea to buff the Agent: “Phoenix literally flying on his flames seems a little too farfetched to Riot, the least they could do is give him a movement stim when in his flames.”

With the duelist’s current win and pick rate, it’s likely we’ll see a buff sometime soon. However, we doubt it’ll be anything like what that the community is suggesting, but only time will tell.

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