Crazy Valorant bug lets Sova ride his drone after Patch 1.11

Valorant Sova character artworkRiot Games

As Valorant patch 1.11 takes over Future Earth, players are reporting countless numbers of bugs. One of these allows Sova to jump on his drone and zoom around the map. 

Sova is one of Valorant’s most infamous characters. The Swedish archer has the power to make or break the game in the right hands, as shown when former CS:GO pro shroud dominated every map he played on the sharpshooter.

One of his most complex abilities is his Owl Drone, which whilst allowing you to rain terror from the skies also lets you shoot Marking Darts that stick to enemies and make them visible at all times.

The power of this drone, however, has been accidentally increased by a new bug found in the newest update that is taking reddit by storm.

Riot Games
Sova is already terrifying enough without this new bug…

You better believe you can fly

Reddit user Gaurav-07 took to Valorant’s official subreddit to complain about the bug, as well as posting a YouTube video. His comment received a wave of other players noting that they were experiencing similar problems.

In his post, Gaurav-07 notes that the bug “glitches and interferes with Sova’s character model”, proceeding to wish Riot “good luck in squashing that bug”.

In Gaurav-07’s video, Sova can be seen jumping on top of his Owl Drone and flying around the map causing sheer chaos.

While several other players uploaded fun videos of them doing the same thing, many have acknowledged that this bug is actually game-breaking. It provides Sova players with easy lines of sight, mitigating any tactical advantages that other agents and different maps have.

In turn, it makes the game harder to play for the enemy team as well as a lot less fun. So yes, the bug is great for montages like Gaurav-07’s, but Riot will need to implement a fix pretty soon if they don’t want a wave of complaints and upset customers.

Additionally, as 1.11 has been announced as a playable patch for the upcoming First Strike tournament, something needs to be done about this – quickly.