Brazilian star mwzera targets Valorant Champions title: “We want to win the whole damn thing”

mwzera winning the First Strike Brazil title in 2020Bruno Alvares/Riot Games

Leonardo ’mwzera’ Serrati, one of the biggest names in the Brazilian Valorant scene, has high hopes for Valorant Champions, his first international event in the game.

On October 25, Mwzera was confirmed as Vivo Keyd’s last player for Valorant Champions, joining the team on a short-term loan from Gamelanders as a replacement for Lucas ‘ntk’ Martins.

Despite all the hype surrounding mwzera, this will actually be the 20-year-old’s first international tournament since he started competing in Valorant.

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He was named the best player in Brazil in 2020 — when Gamelanders Blue won a series of domestic tournament, including First Strike Brazil — but his team were unable to qualify for any international events in 2021.

Aiming big

Brazilian fans are salivating at the thought of seeing mwzera alongside Olavo ‘heat’ Marcelo, who wowed the Valorant community with his Jett plays at the VCT Stage 3 Masters event in Berlin.

Questioned about the team’s goals for Valorant Champions with his addition, mwzera made it clear that they will not attend the event just to compete.

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“Gaining experience? We are going to smash,” he is quoted by Maisesports as saying. “We want to win the whole damn thing.”

Bruno "Foca" Alvares
mwzera will play alongisde heat, another of Brazil’s greats

Valorant Champions, Riot Games’ end-of-the-year event, will take place from December 2-12 in Berlin. It will feature 16 of the world’s strongest teams, with only one spot still up for grabs.

The final team will come from the North America last-chance qualifier, which will resume online on October 27. The tournament was initially planned as a LAN event before being suspended over health and safety protocols.

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Vivo Keyd, who finished 9th-12th at VCT Stage 3 Masters, will step up preparation for Valorant Champions with a long-month boot camp in Europe. Mwzera will be looking to make the most of that time to prepare for his new role as he will be filling the initiator’s role.

“I’ve been playing with Sova a lot, I am focused on the mechanics of this agent,” he said. “The team have been helping me a lot. We will see how things go in practice and we will adapt accordingly. It’s not something set in stone, but I should be maining Sova.

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“It will be a challenge for me, but it’s a style that I enjoy and that I’m comfortable with.”

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